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The Passage (2019) Opposite Henry Ian Cusick

Greyhound (2020) Opposite Tom Hanks

TWD: WB Season 2 (2021) Recurring as "webb"

A little bit about me...

. . . Born in 92', mid-disaster, naturally.

Tornado tore through, hit the house, missed the hospital.


Raised on blue grass fields by aliens, equestrians--

with chiseled arms, stubborn heads, and wild hair. 

I did tricks for other kids, like backflips, just to fit in.

Followed the crowd til I learned how to self-care.


Found a ball and a hoop in middle school, 

got beat down til I pushed myself up, earned a scholarship.

Found the theater and a script in the college pool, 

went from shooting baskets to shooting film.

Rented cars til' I made a show about renting cars, 

invested my cash bars and took my ideas to Atlanta.


I act for the thrill of it, the unknown bliss, the mysticism,

finding myself even more in my character's shoes.

Outside my comfort but inside my soul--

I feel right at home when I'm exploring on my own...


I love little creatures, role playing games, and reading,

steel mace workouts, stretching, and dancing,

basketball, quality friend time, and filming.

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak
Cowboy and Wild Horses
Basketball Court
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