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The Passage (2019) Opposite Henry Ian Cusick

Greyhound (2020) Opposite Tom Hanks

TWD: WB Season 2 (2021) Recurring as "webb"

A little bit about me...

. . . Born in 92', mid-disaster, naturally.

Tornado tore through, hit the house, missed the hospital.


Raised on blue grass fields by aliens, equestrians--

with chiseled arms, stubborn heads, and wild hair. 

I did tricks for other kids, like backflips, just to fit in.

Followed the crowd til I learned how to self-care.


Found a ball and a hoop in middle school, 

got beat down til I pushed myself up, earned a scholarship.

Found the theater and a script in the college pool, 

went from shooting baskets to shooting film.

Rented cars til' I made a show about renting cars, 

invested my cash bars and took my ideas to Atlanta.


I act for the thrill of it, the unknown bliss, the mysticism,

finding myself even more in my character's shoes.

Outside my comfort but inside my soul--

I feel right at home when I'm exploring on my own...


I love little creatures, role playing games, and reading,

steel mace workouts, stretching, and dancing,

basketball, quality friend time, and filming.

interviews and more...
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